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Virtual dice roller with multiple dice and values.

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About Dice

A dice is throwable object that can land on one of its face with theoretically equal probability. The most common type of dice is with 6 faces, which are the default settings.

Some of the most common dice with different faces are:

  • Tetrahedron: 4 faces
  • Cube: 6 faces
  • Octahedron: 8 faces
  • Pentagonal trapezohedron: 10 faces
  • Dodecahedron: 12 faces
  • Icosahedron: 20 faces

Dice roller mimics the behavior of a dice & can mimic any dice with face 2 to 120.

How to use

Dice Roller can be used by selecting Number of Dice and Maximum Dice value per dice.

Number of Dice

Number of dice refers to how many dice will be rolled at once. Maximum dice that can be rolled at once is 20 & default is 1.

Maximum Dice Value

It is the maximum number that can be outcome of a single dice.

FAQs for Dice Roller

Q: Is the Dice Roller free ?

A: Yes, Dice Roller is totally free :)

Q: Can i use the Dice Roller offline ?

A: Yes, Install the webapp as PWA by using Add to home or option.

Q: Is it safe to use Dice Roller ?

A: Yes, any data related to Dice Roller only stored in your browser(if storage required). You can simply clear browser cache to clear all the stored data. We do not store any data on server.