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About MD5 hash calculator

Welcome to MD5 Hash Calculator tool, where you can easily and instantly generate MD5 hashes. The widely-used cryptographic hash algorithm MD5 (Message Digest Algorithm 5) produces a fixed-length hash from input data that is typically 32 characters long. The MD5 Hash Calculator makes it simple whether you're trying to securely store passwords, check the integrity of data that is being transmitted, or perform file checksums. You can generate MD5 hashes for any text with a few mouse clicks.

How to use ?

  • Simply type or paste the text you want to have MD5 hash calculated for into the input field.
  • The MD5 hash will be created automatically and shown in the result section.
  • You can also generate hashes in a variety of formats, including hexadecimal, base64, base64url, and binary.
  • You can quickly copy it to your clipboard by clicking the copy button.



sample text



Why you might want to consider MD5 Hashing?

  • Data Integrity: MD5 hashing is used to ensure data integrity during transmission. If the hash of the received data matches the hash of the information provided, it indicates that the data hasn't been tampered with.
  • Password Storage: MD5 hashes are often used to store passwords securely. Websites and applications maintain MD5 hashes instead of plain text passwords, offering an extra degree of protection.
  • Checksums: MD5 hashes are used to validate the authenticity of files and confirm that they were not corrupted during download or transfer.

While MD5 hashing is commonly used, it's important to remember that because of its vulnerability to certain kinds of attacks, MD5 is no longer considered as a secure hashing technique for securing sensitive data. Consider using stronger hashing algorithms like SHA-256 or bcrypt for applications that require security. Learn more - Wikipedia

FAQs for MD5 Hash Calculator

Q: Is the MD5 Hash Calculator free ?

A: Yes, MD5 Hash Calculator is totally free :)

Q: Can i use the MD5 Hash Calculator offline ?

A: Yes, you can install the webapp as PWA.

Q: Is it safe to use MD5 Hash Calculator ?

A: Yes, any data related to MD5 Hash Calculator only stored in your browser(if storage required). You can simply clear browser cache to clear all the stored data. We do not store any data on server.

Q: How does MD5 hash works ?

A: You can read more about from


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