Length Converter

Convert one length unit to another





Kilometer to Meter

1 km = (1 km = 1000m / 1m = 1m)

1 km = (1000 / 1)

1 km = 1000 m


1 km = 1 * 1000

Result = 1000 m

About Length Converter

Length converter is free online tool to convert one unit of length to another.

Following unit are currently supported:

  • Meter
  • Kilometer
  • Centimeter
  • Millimeter
  • Mile
  • Nautical Mile
  • Foot
  • Yard
  • Inch
  • Micrometer
  • Nanometer
  • Picometer
  • Femtometer
  • Attometer
  • Megameter
  • Gigameter
  • Terameter
  • Petameter
  • Exameter
  • Light year
  • Parsec
  • Astronomical Unit

How to use

Select From unit & To unit & Start typing the value and result will be calculated on the fly.

From Value

Value to be converted.

From Unit

Unit in which input is given (can be selected in first dropdown).

To Unit

Unit in which output is expected (can be selected in second dropdown).

How to calculate yourself

You can convert any value and unit by your self, It only requires the ratio of all the Unit relative to one unit (in our case it is meter).

Formula: From value * (From unit ratio / To unit ratio)

Ratio Table for conversion:

Type Value (meter)
Meter 1
Kilometer 1000
Centimeter 0.01
Millimeter 1e-3
Mile 1609.344
Nautical Mile 1852
Foot 0.3048
Yard 0.9144
Inch 0.0254
Micrometer 1e-6
Nanometer 1e-9
Picometer 1e-12
Femtometer 1e-15
Attometer 1e-18
Megameter 1e6
Gigameter 1e9
Terameter 1e12
Petameter 1e15
Exameter 1e18
Light year 9460471451897088
Parsec 3.085677581e16
Astronomical Unit 149597870691

For Example : 2 mile in Kilometer

Ans: 2 * (1609.344 / 1000) = 3.218688

FAQs for Length Converter

Q: Is the Length Converter free ?

A: Yes, Length Converter is totally free :)

Q: Can i use the Length Converter offline ?

A: Yes, Install the webapp as PWA by using Add to home or option.

Q: Is it safe to use Length Converter ?

A: Yes, any data related to Length Converter only stored in your browser(if storage required). You can simply clear browser cache to clear all the stored data. We do not store any data on server.